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Comfort: Endless Struggle - Cancelled (Due To Inaction)

2017-01-17 21:15:58 by MysteryEzekude


Our second game ever, Comfort: Endless Struggle, has gotten nowhere since a temporary team member abandoned us without warning on May 2014. Thus, this game has been regretfully cancelled due to one year of inaction and the key members of Incognitus Entertainment being far too occupied with other business.

To compensate to any and all fans of the original Comfort, the entire soundtrack for Comfort: Endless Struggle will be available for listening on Soundcloud.

And, should we ever have the time and resources to start again from scratch, all gameplay aspects of Endless Struggle will be carried over to the next game (if it can be brought to fruition).

In the meantime, we give you our thanks and apologies.

As of February 10th 2016, Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude, co-founder of Incognitus Entertainment, will be working as a Marketing/PR and Fundraising Volunteer for the Roseberry Community Consortium.


Thus, we regret to announce that the resumed production of "Comfort: Endless Struggle" will be temporarily halted once again until further negotiation.

Incognitus Entertainment is proud to announce the resumed production of "Comfort: Endless Struggle", an upcoming ball-and-paddle game with an emotional twist!


In February 2014, I released a teaser of the sequel to my debut game "Comfort". With all necessary graphics and sounds created, the game was ready to be programmed in Flash for release on Newgrounds. However, due to a substitute programmer bailing out without warning, the game's production was officially halted in June 2014.

But now, after a year and a half of hiatus, Comfort: Endless Struggle is back in production with a new game engine (i.e. GameMaker: Studio) in use! The final game will be set for release on PC (i.e. Windows, Macintosh and Linux) in 2016!

Stay tuned for updates on its four unique gameplay modes: MASK, UNITY, NEMESIS and HORDE!

Ever since the development of my second game ever, "Comfort: Endless Struggle," was officially put on halt last June (due to the substitute programmer bailing out without warning), I've spent most of my time writing short stories (e.g. Plus Chienne Que Femme) and creating digital paintings (e.g. Astraeopolis) to build up my portfolio.

I even wrote, illustrated and officially published a children's book called "The Standout Chameleon." And, despite earning no more than £20 in a year's time (thanks to the unbelievably low author royalties), the book itself was praised by children and adults alike for its light-hearted story and colorful illustrations.

Now, after recently discovering and briefly learning about GameMaker: Studio (the engine for indie game hits including "Hotline Miami" and "Undertale"), I'm planning to make my return to games development very soon. I've already ordered a book on the engine from Amazon so that I'll have something to guide me through once I purchase the software.

If all goes well, I might learn to get my games programmed all by myself! Hell, I might even get "Comfort: Endless Struggle" finished once and for all! However, this won't affect my relationship with Jeru "MintPaw" Sanders, programmer of my debut game "Comfort" and co-founder of Incognitus Entertainment (i.e. my "company"). I'll continue to keep in touch with him in case I need any more games development advice.

Greetings, everyone. This is Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude, co-founder of budding indie game development team, Incognitus Games. Ten weeks ago, I proudly announced the development of "Comfort: Endless Struggle," the sequel to my debut game "Comfort."


Due to the inconveniences our newest (and recently fired) team member caused me and my fellow co-founder, I must regretfully announce the production of "Comfort: Endless Struggle" to be put on halt until we are ready to start programming from scratch.

Greetings, everyone. This is Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude, co-founder of budding indie game development team, Incognitus Games. Three months ago, I proudly announced the development of "Comfort: Endless Struggle," the sequel to my debut game "Comfort."


Now, for too many reasons to count, progress on the programming side has been going pretty slow. Furthermore, our newest team member (who had been helping us with the programming) has taken a leave of absence.

However, I am relieved to announce that the game is almost ready for play-testing and fine-tuning. Once I finally receive the first playable beta, "Comfort: Endless Struggle" will almost be ready for post-production.

Until then, stay tuned! =)

On January 10th 2014, I made my long-awaited debut into the games industry with a simple, free-to-play, arcade-style Flash game called "Comfort." It was mostly well-received on Newgrounds for its accessible gameplay and abstract presentation and won the Daily 5th Place Award a few hours after its release.

Six weeks have passed since then, and I am now pleased to announce the development of a sequel; "Comfort: Endless Struggle!"


This game will feature four individual modes (i.e. MASK, UNITY, NEMESIS and HORDE) each with its own theme and set of rules. It will also feature power-ups (e.g. slow time) and new types of Stress Balls (e.g. explosive, magnetic, etc.)

As of now, the game is ready to be programmed as all of its necessary graphics and sound files have been created. I'll be sure to keep you updated later on!

Since I ran out of ideas for CC-related Flash since Clock Day 2013, I think my time as a Clock has come to an end. Therefore, I, "PortfolioClock" (a.k.a. "SuitcaseClock"), hereby resign from the Clock Crew due to prolonged absence. I am pleased to say that it was an honor working with this community. And, although I may no longer be a Clock to this day, I will continue to give the Clock Crew and its work my support like I've been doing since 2005.

I find it hard to believe that it's only taken less than a month. Regardless, here it is; my debut game "Comfort!"

This simple, arcade-style Flash game is meant to be my long-awaited debut into the games industry; my first step to achieving my dream career.

I have no idea how far this game will go upon its release. I may start planning a sequel with more gameplay modes if it is well-received. Nonetheless, it will forever be remembered as my debut.


Comfort - Currently In Beta Phase

2014-01-07 07:46:48 by MysteryEzekude

I am pleased to announce that my upcoming debut game, Comfort, is currently in beta phase. Me and my programmer (whose identity I shall conceal for now) are making very good progress!


For those of you who are not familiar, Comfort is an upcoming arcade-style ball-and-paddle game with an emotional twist, which will be exclusive to Newgrounds. The game takes place within the fragile heart of an unseen protagonist as he/she tries to endure the many trials of daily life. The player's objective is to protect the core of his/her heart from all incoming “Stress Balls” using a movable Pong-esque paddle. If three Stress Balls touch the core, the protagonist emotionally breaks down and the game is over.

As of now, there is neither a deadline nor an exact release date. However, we're hoping to release the final game for free on this very website by June 2014.