Entry #29

Comfort: Endless Struggle - Cancelled (Due To Inaction)

2017-01-17 21:15:58 by MysteryEzekude


Our second game ever, Comfort: Endless Struggle, has gotten nowhere since a temporary team member abandoned us without warning on May 2014. Thus, this game has been regretfully cancelled due to one year of inaction and the key members of Incognitus Entertainment being far too occupied with other business.

To compensate to any and all fans of the original Comfort, the entire soundtrack for Comfort: Endless Struggle will be available for listening on Soundcloud.

And, should we ever have the time and resources to start again from scratch, all gameplay aspects of Endless Struggle will be carried over to the next game (if it can be brought to fruition).

In the meantime, we give you our thanks and apologies.


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